Old Vent-Free Set (New To Us)
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Q: We just moved into a house that has one of your Chillbuster Vent-free Gas Log sets. The previous homeowner did not leave the instruction manual. Can you help?

A: Since the set may have been installed for a while and may or may not have had any user maintenance performed on it, we recommend that you do the following:
1) Thoroughly read the instruction manual; you may download installation/instruction manuals from our website at http://www.rasmussen.biz/logs/instr.html
2) Perform the ODS cleaning advised in the instructions found at #1 Vent-Free Issue - Nuisance Shutdown (or difficulty lighting) ODS Pilot
3) Ensure that all air intake regions of the lower part of the burner, as well as the burner ports themselves, are clear of dust, lint or other debris that would block proper air intake or gas flow. Please view the photos found at Identification of Burner Features to Clean - Vent-Free Gas Log Sets for location of these regions.
4) Ensure that the logs are arranged in accordance with the instructions. Improper log placement can result in substandard performance.
5) Ensure the firebox is clean of any soot or residue from previous wood burning that the previous owner may not have, but should have, removed before placing the Chillbuster into service.
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