Solaire Infrared Burner Removal
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Removing your Solaire Infrared Burner in order to deep clean the grill's firebox is easy. Please follow these steps:

Step 1 - After grill is completely cold, remove grilling grids to provide access to burner.

Step 2: Grasp the back portion of the burner with both hands. Lift upward slightly to free the burner from the support in the bottom of the firebox (the 27G and Anywhere portable models have tension retainers that require more upward force to accomplish this step).

Step 3: Continue to lift the back portion of the burner in order to remove the venturi (burner \"pipe\") out through the hole in the front face of the firebox. **Be careful that you do not bend the igniter electrode during this step**

Step 4: Remove burner from the grill and carefully place in an area where it will be free from impact or moisture (water on a cold burner ceramic will permanently damage the ceramic tiles).

Step 5: While the burner is removed, inspect the holes in the ceramic tiles for any blockage. Clear blocked ports by either carefully scraping away surface deposits, or hole by hole with either a small wire or twist drill. Be careful not to enlarge any holes. Give the burner a good shake with the venturi (pipe) pointing downward to remove ash from inside the burner.

Step 6: Place the burner back into the grill by reversing the above sequence.

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