Can I use Solaire® Infrared Burners In Another Brand of Grill?
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Q:  Could I use one of your Infrared Conversion burners for one of the 3 conventional burners in my Jenn Aire 30" Propane Grill?

A: Honestly, I have no idea if it would either fit or work. We have built a whole grill around our infrared burners. There are many relationships that come into play with regard to the orifice size, bracketing of the burner, distance from burner surface to grilling grids, firebox size, etc. I know nothing about the Jenn Aire design. Besides these, a common problem in the gas grill industry is that virtually all other manufacturers who say they offer infrared have taken their conventional grills and merely placed IR burners in them, but have not taken into account the critical design issues needed to ensure proper grilling outcome with infrared. Solaire is one of only two grill lines in which the grills were designed from the ground up to be infrared grills (TEC is the other, although they changed their burner design to a lower heat, sealed type). Rasmussen has addressed these issues thoroughly in our Solaire grill models.

A better alternative to allow you to enjoy the benefits of infrared with your Jenna Aire grill is to purchase our Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared grill. You would sear on the Solaire Anywhere, then transfer the food to the lower heat of the Jenn Aire to finish it off. This high heat sear, low heat finish is my favorite technique that I use on my 42” Solaire Infrared Grill. The key is the high heat sear, which locks in the juices and results in a more succulent and tasty grilled food that any conventional grill alone can deliver.

Happy Grilling!

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