Hot Dogs on Solaire Anywhere?
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Q: I have the Solaire Anywhere, which works fine for most of my needs, but it is not so good for other items such as hot dogs (yes I know you can cut them in half to cook).  I noticed your larger products have interchangeable burners. Do you have a conventional burner that will fit Solaire Anywhere?

A: We do not have a conventional burner for this grill. We designed it as an introduction to our full line of grills that feature infrared burners.

I grilled hot dogs for my family on my Solaire Anywhere last Sunday, and they came out great. Everything goes fast on the Anywhere, so you have to keep rolling them, on the lowest heat setting, so they do not dwell on the same spot for any length of time and burn. You definitely cannot throw them on the grill and walk away. The benefit is you sit down to eat real quickly, so everything else for the meal needs to be ready when you start grilling the hot dogs.

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