Rotisserie Burner Adjustment
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Q: How do I lower the heat on the back burner? (Rotisserie burner)

A: The rear rotisserie burner is supposed to be either ON or OFF. You can reduce the gas flow by adjusting the knob to a location between ON and OFF. Be careful that the burner does not extinguish from lack of gas.

Ifthe direct IR energy is too much, than you can turn it off at a certainpoint and, using the BBQ Tray accessory filled with water (to preventwarping and to add moisture to the food), you can use the indirectmethod of heat. Placing the BBQ tray over one of the burners (and under the meat on the rod) converts its IR energy to convected heat.

Inany rotisserie cooking, be sure to cook long enough to achieve therecommended internal temperature, as determined by an instant readthermometer. Recommended temperatures for various meats may be found at

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