Use Solaire Anywhere or Everywhere with the hood down?
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anywhere portable grill

Q: Can I use the Solaire Anywhere or Everywhere with the hood down?

A:  No.  Our care/use manual specifically says in three places that the grill must be operated only with the hood open or never with the hood closed (page 3 and two times on page 6).  It also says this on the identification plate that goes on the grill.

Why must the hood be open when the grill is in use?

1) It is an infrared grill, and the food is heated directly from the burner.  This is unlike conventional grills which heat the air around the food - the hood must be closed to trap enough heat to cook the food.

2) The hood is not double skinned.  If you operate the grill with the hood down, the stainless steel will bronze (discolor) from the heat.  There is very little if anything at all one can do to restore the original finish after it has bronzed.

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